Les éditions de la Gouttière were founded in 2008, relying at first on the experience of organizing a comics festival.

Specialized on publishing comics for the young, we definitely believe that quality works in ths field can be at the same time entertaining and develop the taste for reading.

Comics without balloons: the success of series like Anuki and Myrmidon show all that can be done for children who do not read abstract text yet. We now offer a variety of such comics without balloons to our readers.

We also publish comics dedicated to children just starting to read and comics for children who are warned readers. With the popular release of Enola and the recent warm welcome of the series Supers, it seems that our intuitions are right!


Mail : foreign-rights.gouttiere@orange.fr


Our comics for children


Many mediation tools have been created around the books (interactive exhibitions, kamishibai, applications for numeric tablets, etc.). Those tools can easily been translated and exploited in any language and any country. http://www.labulleexpositions.com/

Several countries and publishing houses worldwide have already trusted us with:

Myrmidon in China


Enola in the Netherlands


Supers in the United States


La Carotte aux Étoiles in the United Kingdom


In South America: